Rotation of 2D Shapes to Create Solids

Goal: Create and/or Identify three-dimensional objects that are generated by rotations of two-dimensional objects.
HS.G-GMD.4 (part 2) Building shapes by rotation

Learning Objective: Students will be able to create a 2D shape, locate a center and axis of rotation and create a 3D shape. Using the cross section tool, they will be able to identify the base shape.

1. Duplicate the solids shown in the examples below using the follow-me tool.
Use the section tool to investigate the new shape that is formed.

2. Create three different solids by rotation of a polygon or circle and present to your peers.
See if they can discover recreate your shape.

Example 1. Construct a Barrel
Spin Poly barrel.jpg
The blue line is the axis of rotation and the origin is the center.
If you rotate the hexagon around the given circle, what shape will result?

Here are a few more examples to consider.
Spin hex.jpg
3D rotated hexagon

spin hexagon section.jpg
3D cross section of a rotated hexagon

Updated August 2017