Hexagonal Prism Dimensions [ Regular Hexagon ]
Base has radius of 3 units; Height of 4.5 units

Net Construction in SketchUp - Meters Template
This construction uses a duplicate feature that makes the process more efficient.
Don't forget to save your file!

Surface Area
Print the net and add line segments as needed.
Label the dimensions as necessary.
Use what you know about triangles to find the missing dimension.
Do not use a ruler!
Calculate the area of each face.
Record the Lateral Surface Area and the Total Surface Area on your paper with comments to explain your work.

Examine the folded net and estimate how many cubic centimeters will be contained in your prism. Use actual cubes to help you think.
Questions you might ask:
How many 1x1 squares cover the base?
How high would a tower of 1x1 cubes need to be to match the height of this prism?

[Go to the Net Folding page for directions on how to fold into a prism.]