Volume of Cube - Build-Up & Decompose

Learning Objectives:
Understand why the volume formula for a prism is length*width*height, by building a prism.
Use the group, explode, copy, paste, move, entity information (volume), and dimension tools.
Common Core State Standards - Mathematics - 6.G.2

Step 1. Create a single 1x1 cube, duplicate the cube four times, snap them together to create a 1x1x4 prism.
Hint - Drag a corner point of one cube to the corner point of the second cube. You should see them line up correctly and snap together.

Step 2. Erase the interior edges of the long prism.
Step 3. Duplicate the 1x1x4 prism four times, merge (snap) them into a flat prism that is 1x4x4.

Step 4. Duplicate the 1x4x4 prism four times, merge (snap) them into a cube that is 4x4x4.

Step 5. Group the cube and select Entity Info to verify the dimensions.

Step 6. Draw segments on the faces, color cubes and move them using the move tool.
Decompose Prism

Updated August 2017