JUNE 2014 - Videos should be working now

Introduction to Creating Solids in SketchUp

  • Identify properties and vocabulary of solids through the construction process
  • Physical models are quite helpful
Essential Questions
  • What are the components of the basic solids (prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone and sphere)?
  • Which solids have faces that are polygons? [your goal is to define polyhedra]
  • Did you use information about polygons and circles to create the solids? Did this surprise you?
  • Students should be asked to calculate the surface area and volume for each of these solids.

Task: Create a variety of solids. Scroll down for suggested dimensions of 12 shapes.
Optional: Label selected solids with the appropriate vocabulary as illustrated in the figures below.
Optional: Show dimensions in the file. You can change the precision [Window>Model Info].
  • Prisms with bases from 3-8 sides
  • Square and Rectangular Pyramids
  • Cylinder
  • Cone
  • Sphere
  • Torus
  • Composite Shape

SAVE YOUR FILES because you will use them in another activity
Short list of all 11 shapes

Figure One - Rectangular Prism - Created on a PC
File name Prism3-4-5
Color A – Base faces [Blue]
Color B – Lateral faces [Lavender]

Figure Two – Right Triangular Prism - Created on a PC
Base 3’ x 4’ x 5’ Height = 8’
File name: Rt_Tri_Prism
Color A – Base faces [Blue]
Color B – Lateral faces [Lavender]

Figure Three - Hexagonal Prism - Shows how to Group and find Volume
Base has radius of 3 units; Height of 4.5 units
Filename: Hex_Prism
Blue – base faces
Lavender – lateral faces

Figure Four - Octagonal Prism - Shows X-Ray Face Style
Base radius of 3 units; Height of 2 units
Filename: Oct_Prism

Figure Five – Hollow Cylinder
Base radius of 2.5 meters ; Height of 4 meters
Filename: Cylinder

Figure Six – Square Pyramid I
Dimensions Base 6’ x 6’; Height of 5’
Filename: SqPyr_I

Figure Seven - Square Pyramid II
Base 6’ x 6’ ; Slant Height of 5’
Filename: SqPyr_II

Figure Eight – Rectangular Pyramid with textured surfaces
Dimensions 6’ x 3’; Height of 5’
Filename: Rec_Pyr
Color A – Sketchy Crosshatch Wavy
Color B – Metal Steel Textured
open base

Figure Nine - Cone
Base radius of 2.5 m; Height of 4 m
Filename: Cone
Red – lateral surface

Figure Ten - Sphere
Radius 1 meter
Filename: Sphere

Figure Eleven - Torus
Dimensions are not given
Filename: Torus