Fun with Fractals

In SketchUp, I created some great looking 2D fractal models that are mathematically accurate. I used the following tools: Group, Copy/Paste, Scale, and Move. Seven fractal files are in the 3D Warehouse. To retrieve the models open SketchUp and click on File | 3D warehouse | Get Models. Search on Kathryn S Fractals (or cick here). Once the models are in your file, you need click on Edit | Explode Component. This will separate the pieces. You might need to do some more exploding (components or groups) to get down to the base shapes.
Use the copy/past and scale tools to create your fractals. Have fun.
*Note that one of the practice problems does not generate a fractal. Also, I suggest that you delete my labels so they do not junk up your model.

March 2015:
I created a Fractal T and a few other cool fractals.

2x2 Corner Fractal in SketchUp

Kite Fractal in SketchUp - Four Iterations

3x3Corner_Fractal 2014.jpg
3x3 Corner Fractal in SketchUp - Second and Third Iteration are shown

Sierpinski_Fractal 2014.jpg
Sierpinksi Triangle in SketchUp

Fractal_Plaid 2014.jpg
Fractal Plaid in SketchUp - Four Iterations

Fractal_H 2014.jpg
Fractal H in SketchUp