One purpose of this Wiki is to bring teachers together for the purpose of collaboration. As you look at your standards and learning objectives, consider the cycle of creating, teaching, evaluating and revising a lesson. Consider working with a team to develop a handful of lessons that show gains in student knowledge and understanding.


Community Goals
  • Integrate (as appropriate) the use of Sketchup in the K-12 mathematics curriculum.
  • Create and disseminate lessons specific to NCTM content and process standards and the Common Core State Standards.
  • Provide a discussion forum for examples of "best practice" in technology integration.
  • Engage teachers in a professional development opportunity.
  • Activities and projects are free to users EXCEPT for the purpose of commercial distribution.

Activity or Project Format
  • Share the activity or project outline including a student handout and, if necessary, a separate teacher page with notes, solutions and/or rubric.
  • Create short screencasts can be created and linked.
  • Add author information in the footer of the activity file (if desired).
  • Use short file names, without blank spaces for pdf or screencast files.

Teaching/Evaluation Reflection Lens
Consider audio or video taping the class session with a focus on the objectives found in National Board Certification.
  • Entry 1: Developing and Assessing Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning
  • Entry 2: Instructional Analysis: Whole Class Mathematical Discourse
  • Entry 3: Instructional Analysis: Small Group Mathematical Collaborations
  • Entry 4: Documented Accomplishments: Contributions to Student Learning