Coin Flip Activity

A good problem for President’s Day is to figure out how to manipulate a virtual quarter in Trimble SketchUp. This lesson provides an introduction to the rotation tool.

Technology Learning Objective:
Download a model from the Trimble 3D Warehouse.
Use the copy tool to duplicate the coin and the rotate tool to flip the coin.

Coin Toss Wiki Sketchup file
Open the Woodworking Template
Download the “coin toss” model from the 3D warehouse.
Make a copy of the quarter and move it next to the first coin (I kept the coins on the green axis).
Use the rotate tool to move the copy.
You will need to find an axis of rotation for the coin
Rotate the coin 180 degrees to flip it over one time.
Be sure to use the rotate tool and not the protractor tool.

How did you set up the rotate tool?
What do you notice about the coins?

Model Credit: Coin Toss by SketchUp
Download model from the warehouse or use the file below
This model was designed to actually flip when selected.
Select the coin, then click on Tools | Interact**, then click on a coin to see it flip.

Coin Toss Interact SketchUp file

Summer 2017 - Updated