Activity: CAP'N CRUNCH

Learning Objective: Students will explore the concept of surface area of a cereal box (rectangular prism) and illustrate why the unit of measurement is a square inch. [Indiana State Standard: G.7.7]

Pedagogical justification for the use of SketchUp: Visual learners will benefit from manipulating the computer-generated model, but your kinesthetic learners will need to cut open actual cereal boxes and mark the grid on the cardboard. Do both and see what happens!

The Cap’n Crunch cereal box, shown below, was created by Sydney (located in the 3D Warehouse).
Dimensions are l = 10 ¾” w = 4 3/8 ” h = 1’ 2 1/8 inches.
Round answers to the nearest eighth of an inch (I changed the precision from 16ths to 8ths in this model).

a) Find the lateral surface area of the cereal box and explain why area is measured in square inches.
b) Find the total surface area of the prism. Explain your solution.


Download Instructions
Open the feet and inches template. Select File and 3D Warehouse > Get Models
Search for Captain Crunch.

Insert Model then IMMEDIATELY click on the origin to “place the component.”
Use the orbit tool to focus on the box.

Use the tape measure to add a series of vertical and horizontal guidelines at one-inch intervals. Note that the last vertical interval shown is ¾” and not a full inch.

Capn Crunch Length Units.png
Minor Update August 2017