SketchUp Activity
The pages of this SketchUp-Math Wiki contain activities & screen casts written for use with students in grades 4-10. The activities are specifically sequenced in each category to introduce SketchUp and the relevant mathematics in a “just in time” teaching model. The purpose of the activities & screen-casts is to facilitate an understanding of the why behind the mathematics through guided exploration.
These activities use the Standard (not Pro) version of the program because this is what students have access to at home or in a library. While the Pro version is free to educational institutions, it is important to match the school and home environment.

The documents and screen casts used in the SketchUp-Math activities were created for teachers to use with their students.
Activities can be used by students, classroom teachers or parents. Teachers making substantial improvements or additions to the activities are encouraged to become a member of the Wiki. Teachers wanting to contribute additional activities, screen casts or projects are also encouraged to join this Wiki. Note that the contents of this wiki are copyrighted under the Creative Commons License and cannot be used in commercial ventures.

Wiki Manager - Dr. Kathryn G. Shafer
I have been teaching high school and college level mathematics since 1984. As a geometry teacher of 25+ years, I began to see the potential of using SketchUp with students to model 2D and 3D geometry in a way that is not possible with paper and pencil. Favorite technologies include Fathom, Tinkerplots, Geometer's Sketchpad, GeoGebra, Terrapin Logo, Green Globs, Spreadsheets and SketchUp!

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