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Thank you for visiting this site.The page with the second highest number of hits in October was Unit Conversions: Decimals to Mixed Numbers

Example 1

Convert 4.294 feet to feet and inches (to the nearest 16th of an inch)
4 feet + .294 of a foot
4 feet + .294 ft * 12in/ft
4 feet + 3.528 inches
4 feet + 3 inches + .528 of an inch
We look at the decimal .528 and find the boundaries in 16ths of an inch.
8/16 = .500
9/16 = .5625
The decimal is closer to 8/16 so SketchUp will round down to 8/16.
The fraction 8/16 simplifies to ½ of an inch.
ANSWER: 4 feet 3 ½ inches


Example 6

Convert 6,289 feet to yards and feet.
First convert to yards
6,289 feet * ⅓ yards/foot = 2096.3333 yards
2096 yards + .333... of a yard
[You can keep the repeating decimal in your calculator by subtracting 2096.]
0.333 ... * 3 feet/yard = 1 foot
Answer: 2096 yards and 1 foot
Check: 2096 * 3 + 1 = 6,289

The page with the highest number of hits in October was Cereal Box Surface Area
Note that this activity also incorporates the dimension tool in SketchUp.
The Cap’n Crunch cereal box, shown below, was created by Sydney (located in the 3D Warehouse).

Dimensions are l = 10 ¾” w = 4 3/8 ” h = 1’ 2 1/8 inches.

Round answers to the nearest eighth of an inch (I changed the precision from 16ths to 8ths in this model).
CapnCrunch.jpgCapn Crunch Length Units.png

Featured Video:
What is the area of the base of a hexagonal prism that is inscribed in a circle with a radius of 3 meters?
Check out the Net Hex Prism page for the activity.

Background Information
You may have heard about SketchUp, first developed in 1999 by @Last Software. Google purchased the company in March of 2006 and Version 8 was launched in 2010. The pro version of the program is used by draftsmen, builders, architects, engineers, filmmakers and game developers. Models can be created and imported into Google Earth with a plugin Wikipeda link
SketchUp changed ownership in 2012 to Trimble. SketchUp dot com

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